Linguistics Learning


Lecture series on Introduction to Linguistics. Covers syntax, semantics, morphology, phonetics, and phonology.

ntroduction to Syntax in Linguistics. Covers Generative Grammar, X-Bar Theory, and Movement.

SEM131 – Ambiguity

SEM130 – Ambiguity vs. Vagueness

SEM_021 – Linguistic Micro-Lectures: Structural Ambiguity


SYN124 – The Function of the Verb – Mood and Modality

VLC106 – Syntax: Part I

VLC107 – Syntax: Part II

his playlist covers logic used in philosophy, discrete mathematics, computing science, and linguistics. It covers propositional/statement logic, predicate/quantificational logic, modal logic, and others. Topics include translating English into logic, truth tables, truth trees, rules of inference, deductive proofs, digital logic, and much more! This is a playlist in the works, so stay tuned for more!

SEM122 – Predicate Logic I

SEM122 – Predicate Logic II